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Access The Financial Management Office Support Portal

WSB Faculty and Staff, please use the FMO's Support Portal to easily search this website or to submit a question or request to FMO Staff

ndividuals who are not UW faculty, staff, or students, please submit any questions or requests through:
You may also submit your request through the portal by registering as a user and signing in through the WSB's Solution Portal Login page


As the finance, accounting, and business services center of expertise for the Wisconsin School of Business, the Financial Management Office progressively enhances its delivery of services to and partnership with all units of the School, as these together pursue the strategies of the School.

This includes:

  • Enabling excellent stewardship of all of the School’s financial resources

  • Assuring strong financial controls and fiscal compliance

  • Providing financial tools, reporting, training, and counsel to users throughout the School

  • Executing core financial processes efficiently and effectively

Success in these endeavors is measured not only by the FMO’s contributions to the School’s achievements, but also by the extent of the FMO’s partnership with related organizations within the University and the University of Wisconsin System, as well as the FMO’s influence on financial management practices at other institutions and organizations.

News and Announcements

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