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The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (VCRGE) provides research funding for faculty/permanent PIs through its annual Fall Research Competition, as well as funding for travel to domestic and international meetings, etc.

Fall Research Competition – Competition usually opens in Mid-August & closes in mid-to-late September.  Faculty/permanent PIs may apply individually or with another faculty member/permanent PI.  Specific policies & procedures for approved Fall Research Competition awards are outlined by the VCRGE’s Research Committee Policies.  All applicants are notified by December, if awarded. 

Funding may be available to cover:

  • Summer & Semester Salary for Full-Time Research, Staff Salaries, Research or Project Assistants, Student Hourly Help, etc.
  • Supplies & Equipment
  • Travel
  • Other services

All fall research competition applications must be submitted through the application portal.  To access the Fall Research Competition Information Page & Log-In Page for the Application, Go To: deadline is always in September of the prior fiscal year (e.g. awards for FY20 must be submit their application by the deadline in September 2018).

Travel Awards – VCRGE provides Domestic & International funds for conference travel. Both programs are available only to tenured or tenure track faculty & academic staff with permanent PI status. Eligibility is calculated separately for each program. Faculty may apply at any time during the year, but must do so BEFORE going on the trip. Travel expensing must otherwise follow UW travel policies and procedures. All requests are to be sent to Kate Austin:

  • Domestic Travel Awards are available ONCE every 2 fiscal years, for up to $1,000.00. Domestic travel is defined as: travel to any of the 50 states, U.S. Territories or commonwealths, Canada, or Mexico. 
  • International Travel Awards are available ONCE every 3 fiscal years, for up to $2,0000.00.

Go to the Grad School Travel Awards page for more information and instructions.

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