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Research at UW-Madison is conducted under the highest ethical and legal standards.  A variety of resources are available to help researchers adhere to those standards

The Facilities and Administration (F&A) Rate charged on grants (133 & 144) has been re-negotiated and updated (effective July 1, 2018).  Before applying/submitting for new grants, please confirm you're listing the correct rate in your proposal.  You can find the new rates here:

Grant and Contract Funding, administered by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP), come from extramurally sponsored programs, in two forms:

  • Federal Grant and Contract Funding (144)
  • Non-Federal Grant and Contract Funding (133)

Graduate School Funding is from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), founded in 1925.  WARF is the private, non-profit patent and licensing group for the University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Graduate School Funding (135)

Industry-sponsored research and project agreements are administered by the Office of Industrial Partnerships (OIP), a department within RSP.  A number of funding and agreement types fall within their purview.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Academia-Industry Research - Please see the "Third Way Report" for information on institutional policies, procedures, definitions, and guidelines for establishing effective academic-industrial partnerships (e.g. intellectual property, right to publish, etc.)
  • Project Agreements - These include agreements where funding may or may not be provided to the faculty member or department, but obligates one or both to agree to terms and conditions.  Agreements may include but are not limited to
    • Confidentiality agreements (CDAs)
    • Non-Disclosure agreements (NDAs)
    • Fee for Service agreements (FFS)
    • Consulting agreements - Made between a sponsor and the investigator, as an individual, outside of the investigator's UW employment.  These agreements are not negotiated or signed by the UW and it is the investigator's responsibility to ensure the terms of such agreements do not conflict with their commitments to the UW and that the work does not require the use of any university resources.  For help with such agreements, contact the Law School's Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic

PI Portal - The PI Portal is UW-Madison Faculty and researchers' dashboard, on-ramp, and quick reference guide for research administration and compliance

PI Financial Tool - UW-Madison faculty and researchers can use the PI Financials Tool to help plan, manage, and track their sponsored projects (including start-up or annual funding from the WSB, if provided) using financial data that is populated from WISDM. However, the PI Financials Tool does not update any information within WISDM as a result of actions performed within it

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