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This article gives an outline and description of the account form for managing companies and relationships.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Information entered in some categories will be shown to the contact as pre-filled when they start a relationship with WSB program offices!

To navigate to an account, open the main navigation and select "Workplace". From here, select "Accounts."

Search for the account you would like to work with (remember to use the asterisk * wildcard for better results).

The account view form has a similar layout to a contact form. 

General Information

This section contains basic information about the account/company.

  • Contacting Account is the primary contact to the account/company within WSB. This person should be contacted before reaching out to people associated with this account.
  • Account Name is the name of the company for this account.
  • Web Site is a link to their website.
  • E-mail is the email for the company.
  • Parent Account is the account which this account is linked to as a child account. 
  • Primary Contact is the main contact for the company.
  • Descriptionis a brief synopsis of the account/company.


This section includes the basic information for the address of the account/company (Street, state, ZIP code, etc.).

Current Relationships

This section outlines the types of relationships are held between WSB and the account, the type of relationship, and the business unit (units within WSB) associated with the account).


Use the following steps to create a new relationship with the account:

  1. Click on the plus sign to the right of the grid view.
  2. Enter the Business Unit for this relationship, the relationship, and the relationship status.

  3. Hit the "Save" button in the top right to enable adding the relationship contact.
  4. The grid view will now be editable. Select the plus sign to the right of the window.

  5. Enter in the contact and all other relevant information and save.

Relationship Contacts

This section will populate with any contacts who are added in the previous section. Relationship contacts can also be added directly in this section by selecting on the plus sign to the right and adding in the relevant information.


This section contains other basic information about the company.

  • Account Type gives descriptive options for if the business is an internal group, for-profit, nonprofit, or a student org.
  • Region is the region the company is located in.
  • Account Recognition is a spot to designate if a company is a Fortune 100/500, Wisconsin 100, multiple, or other company.
  • Industry is the industry the company is primarily in.
  • Annual Revenue is the yearly revenue of the company.
  • No. of Employees is the number of employees the company currently employs.


This section is the list of employees with their basic information which have been entered into LRM. More employees can be added by selecting the plus sign on the right and entering in the required fields.