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This article outlines how to add, update, or remove a recommendation question from a recommendation question set.

Each program has its own recommendation question set.


These can be found under WSB Settings > Recommendation Question Sets.

Navigating to Recommendation Questions

  1. To find the recommendation questions for your program, either access them through the Recommendation Question Set for the program you are looking for, or navigate to WSB Settings > Recommendation Questions.

  2. Here, you will see all of the questions for each program.

Add New Question

  1. To add a new question, navigate to Recommendation Questions and select "New" near the top left of the screen.

  2. Enter the program this question is for in the "Parent Question Set" field.

  3. In the question field, enter what the will be. You can also mark if the question will be required by the recommender or optiona
  4. The sort order determines in what order the question appears. This is based on a number. Other question numbers can be seen on the main page of the recommendation questions or in the recommendation question set for the program. The current questions were implemented with spacing in between each question in order to allow new questions to be slotted in easily if needed.

  5. Next, select the question type.

    1. Essay: Allows for the recommender to type a longer response to a question.
    2. Matrix: Creates a set of criteria which can each be ranked/evaluated.
    3. Yes/No: A simple yes or no response.
    4. File Upload: Allows the recommender to upload a file.
    5. Radio Button List: Allows the recommender to select one option out of the option set.
    6. Checkbox Question: Similar to the radio button list, but multiple options may be selected.

  6. To set the matrix options, list the categories in the "Matrix Categories" field. Each category should be on a new line. The following would produce the options of selecting "Exceptional, very good, average, below average, no opportunity to observe" for each of "Intellectual Ability," "Motivation," etc.

  7. Similarly, for other question types which have options (radio button list, checkbox question), add the options needed under the "Question Options" field, one line each.
  8. To update a question, simply go to the question under "Recommendation Questions" and make the appropriate changes following the directions above.

Remove Question

  1. Navigate to the question set the question belongs to following the instructions at the top of the article.
  2. Hover over the question to be removed, and click on the garbage can icon which appears.

  3. This will delete the question, as well as remove it from the question set.