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Common activities to add to a contact record include: Appointment, Phone Call, Email, Task, and Note.

Helpful hint: If you use consistent subject names for specific types of activities, you will be able to search and query on activities by subject name in the future.
  1. Open the person record. 
  2. Scroll down to 'Communications and Notes', or use the navigation bar next to the person record's name to quickly jump to it.
  3. Under appointments, click on the ellipsis next to Add Task.
  4. Select the activity you would like to create.

Jump to: 

  1. Complete required information and add appointment details.
  2. Constituent Role = Lead or Applicant
  3. Subject = Admissions Interview, Prospective Student Visit, Class Visit
  4. Select "Save" or "Mark Complete" 
  1. Verify it is being sent to the correct person, and fill in the information for the email (CC, Subject, and the body of the email).
  2. To send the email, select "Send"
  3. If you have a Business Template saved, you may also use the "Insert Template" function. 
Add a Task
  1. Open a person record.
  2. Navigate to 'Communications and Notes', as shown in the screenshots at the beginning of this article.
  3. Enter the constituent role, and then select the action which is occurring.
  4. Enter the subject.
  5. Enter in any relevant information about the task, such as what the agenda is, when it is due, etc.
  6. Once the task has been finished, make sure to select "Mark Complete" at the top left of the screen.