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This article outlines how to add an advisory board in LRM.

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Create Advisory Board

  1. Navigate to "Accounts" from workplace in LRM.

  2. Find the internal account to add the advisory board for.

  3. Open the hamburger menu to the right of the account name, and select "Current Relationships."

  4. If the relationship with the advisory board does not already exist on the account, click on the plus sign to the top right of the grid-view.

  5. Fill out the required information on the form by selecting the correct business unit, relationship (select "Advisory Board") and the relationship status (prospective, current, or past).

  6. Save the form. The save button is in the top left of the screen. This will enable you to add relationship contacts (board members) to the newly created advisory board.

Add an Advisory Board Member

  1. Create the contact within LRM. Navigate to Workplace > Contacts. Search for the contact to see if this person is already in LRM (search either with the format of last name, first name or email). Otherwise, select "New" in the top left, and enter in at least the required fields (first name, last name, and email). It is recommended to add their primary employer as well if it is known.
  2. Return back to the relationship created for the advisory board, as outlined above.
  3. Under "Relationship Contacts" on the form, select the plus sign to the top right of the grid-view.

  4. Search for the contact you created or found in step by searching with last name, first name or their email. Once  you have found the contact, select them.

  5. Save and close the relationship contact form after you have entered all relevant information.
  6. The relationship contact will now appear on the advisory board relationship.

  7. The advisory board and advisory board member will also now appear on the account for the internal WSB unit.