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An overview of how to maintain the board members on and

Location of Board Member Items in Sitecore

Board Members in Sitecore:

/sitecore/content/Bus/Meta-Data/Board Members

Companies in Sitecore:


Main Images Folder in the Media Library:

/sitecore/media library/Bus/Profiles/Board Members/subfolder

Steps for Adding New Board Members

Below is a brief overview of how to add new board members to

Please note: On the new board member will be displayed automatically when it is published. The board members on are pulled in from This data can take up to 4 hours to refresh.

  1. Open the board member page that needs to be edited on the website. Keep the live website page open.

  2. Find the page on that features the board members in Sitecore and click preview page. This way you will be able to preview the changes before they go live.  

  3. Find a board member that currently exists on the page in the board members folder and review the settings for that board member. This will help ensure you set up the new board member with the same Board Information.

  4. Check to see if the board member’s company already exists. If not, create a new company by right clicking on the Companies Folder and selecting Insert > Company. Then add the Name and Publish the new company. (/sitecore/content/Bus/Meta-Data/Companies)

    step 4 a screen shot of inserting a company into the companies folder

  5. Insert a new board member by right clicking on the Board Members folder and selecting Insert > Board Member. (/sitecore/content/Bus/Meta-Data/Board Members)

    step 5 inserting a board member into the Board Members folder

  6. Upload the new board member photo to the appropriate folder in the media library. Board member photos should be 104 x 158 pixels. (/sitecore/media library/Bus/Profiles/Board Members/subfolder)

    1. Upload only one image for each board member into the media library. You can always attach over an image if there is something that needs to be changed, and Publish the Media item.

  7. Go back into the Content Editor and complete the required fields for the new board member. Typically First Name, Last Name, Company, Title, Photo, Bio, and Board information.

    1. The board member information and settings needs to be accurate in order fro the board member to display on the correct website page.

  8. Preview your new board member by using Preview Page on website page with the board members. Review the new content.

  9. Publish the new board member to the live website and review your changes after they gone live.

step 9 publishing a new board member

Removing Existing Board Members

In cases where published board members need to be removed, please feel free to reach out to the ATW team by emailing The ATW team can remove any board members from the page, as well as, cleanup any associated items like images in the media library. The ATW team can ensure that when the content is removed it is not linked to by any other pages.