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Designers in Sitecore are individuals who have been trained and authorized to make layout and general content changes including adding and removing features from website pages, creating new website pages, performing search engine optimization, and improving the user experience. Below is an overview, information about the reosurces available, anda suggested path for becoming a successful Sitecore content designer.

How-to Become a Sitecore Content Designer

In order to edit website pages and create .html emails using Sitecore, faculty and staff must complete training and be granted access by the web team. In order to complete your training and be granted access to edit your pages, please request training from the web team by submitting a general service request. Content designers often have a graphic design or coding background. Most often the role of a content designer is performed by web or marketing team members. 

Request Sitecore access and training »

Resources Available

  • How-to guides and tutorials
  • Individual and small group training sessions
  • Cavnas courses (coming soon)

Learning Goals

The user knows how to:

  • Perform all actions listed in the Learning Goals for Sitecore Content Authors
  • Move existing items around in the experience editor
  • Add new rows and columns
  • Make areas of content have the same height using equalizer
  • Add new components (e.g. sections of text, solid background block, basic content block, accordions, sub-pages links, etc.)
  • Insert a new website page
  • Add SEO meta titles and descriptions
  • Enable navigation and breadcrumbs
  • How to QA a new website page and request the web team to publish the new website page live

Recommended Training Materials for Content Designers

This series of introductory videos and tutorials will help you understand how to access and use the editor to maintain your website pages. You will start with the basics, and as you progress through each tutorial you will be able to perform more advanced forms of page editing. To get started begin with the Open Editor: How-to Open a Website Page in the Experience Editor tutorial. 

 Review these guides and tutorials in this order:

  1. Login: How-to Login into Sitecore
  2. Recommended Training Materials for Content Authors
    1. If you are working on pages that are not in the experience editor see also: Non-Responsive Website Page Editing Guides
  3. Content Designer Training Materials

    1. Experience Editor: How-to Move an Existing Item on the Page

    2. [Refactoring] Components Available: An Overview of How-to Use Each Design Element
    3. Experience Editor: How-to Make Specific Areas of Content the Same Height Equalizer
    4. Experience Editor: How-to Insert a New Website Page
    5. How-to Add an SEO Meta Title and Description
    6. How-to Show a Website Page in the Navigation/Breadcrumbs
    7. Review the recommended Sitecore Documentation and Resources
    8. How-to Test a Website Page Prior to Go Live (Coming soon)

Sitecore Documentation and Resources