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Undergraduate and Pre-College programs review applications in groups. Sometimes a single group, sometimes in waves of groups. This custom functionality allows the programs to associate the applications with the groups, export data from the LRM for review, import scores for the reviewed items, and then update the application records with Index scores used for ranking applications.

Creating an Admissions Review Group

  1. Set applications to Ready-for-review (individually or in bulk)
  2. Navigate to Workplace > Logs & Uploads > "Admissions Review Gr..." 
  3. Create a New Group: 
    1. Click 'New'
    2. Select the 'Review Type'. In general, all active applications associated with that Program set to Ready for Review and are not already associated with another Review Group will be associated with the new Review Group.
      1. Further details
        1. BBA Direct: no additional notes
        2. BBA PreBus: no additional notes
        3. BBA PreBus 3rd-Essay 1: TODO...additional notes
        4. BBA PreBus 3rd-Essay 2: TODO...additional notes
        5. BBA PreBus 3rd-Resume: TODO...additional notes
        6. BBA-BEL: no additional notes
    3. Save the Group
    4. A plugin will 
      1. Associate the applications with the review group (only visible in the Subgrid on the Group: this is an N:N connection, and is not visible on the Application)
      2. Create a CSV file of all of the applications, to be used for the review process; storing it on the Group in the 'Notes' section.
    5. A scheduled task will 
      1. create a PDF of the resumes associated with the applications (if applicable) and write that to the file-system. This runs (every 10 minutes).
        1. Path: Q:\BBA\Admissions\Admissions (DA, Pre-Biz, CIB)\Adm - Pre-Business\Application\<Term>\Reviews\Resumes\<ReviewGroup>
        2. The root path is hard coded in the 
        3. Term is formatted as "Fall 2018 (1192)" or "<Fall/Spring/Summer> <Calendar Year> (SIS Term Number)". This is calculated based on the term of the applications under review.
        4. ReviewGroup is formatted as "BBA PreBus_RVGP24_Resumes" where 24 is the actual integer number of the group.
      2. create a PDF of the essays associated with the applications (if applicable); storing it on the Group in the 'Notes' section.

Uploading Review Scores

  1. Prepare the scores
    1. Navigate to the 'Admissions Review Group' in the LRM (Workplace > Logs & Upload)
    2. From the Ribbon, click on 'Import Reviews', which loads the "BBA Review Import" web-application
    3. Download the 'BBA Review Template'
    4. Using the CSV file generated when the group was created, update the template (the Applicant ID and Group Number)
    5. Update the excel file with the scores.
  2. Upload the scores
    1. Navigate back to the the "BBA Review Import" web-application (in the previous step)
    2. Upload the CSV files you've updated with the scores, Applicant ID and Group Number.
  3. A scheduled task will
    1. process the records once a day at 5AM (in production; every 15min in Dev/Test)
    2. create an Admissions Review record for the application, if none exists
    3. create a Review Score record, associated with the Admissions Review record and the item reviewed
      1. eg: Essay, Resume records
      2. Note: if the application is somehow incomplete, because essays or resumes can't be found, an error is logged