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The document outlines the lead interest records and additional attributes used in the BBA leads and admissions process.

BBA Lead Interest Structure 

Academic Career = Undergraduate
Program Type = Undergraduate
Lead Interest Programs = One of the 4 lead interest program options below. 
Interest = All prospects will have an "undecided" interest, since majors/areas of study are not relevant for BBA recruiting.  
Lead Interest Program Options -- 
  • BBA - Any high school student prospect with interest in the BBA program. 
  • BBA BEL - Any high school prospect in grade 10 with interest in the BEL program. The system also takes URM status into account. More information below about automatic assignment of BEL interests. 
  • BBA Direct Admit - Only those prospects that have submitted a UW-Madison application and indicated "business" as their #1 intended major. 
  • BBA Pre-Business - Any UW-Madison student or transfer student interested in admission to the BBA program for the start of their sophomore or junior year of college. 
Assignment of BEL Program Interests to Prospect Records in LRM
BEL interest will be automatically assigned to a Prospect Record if the HS Grade and Lead URM fields change to meet the eligibility requirement (e.g. if high school grade changes to 10 and lead URM changes to Yes). 
The minimum requirement to create a BEL interest from the Request For Information form is high school grade = 10. 
BEL interests can be added from prospect data import even if no HS grade or URM data is added to the import record.
Examples for assigning BEL interests: 
  • On initial BBA Lead Interest Record create, the system looks at the Person Record to see if a High School Grade value exists and if it is grade 10. If HS Grade = 10, a general BBA interest is automatically converted to BEL interest. This process is followed for any prospect record created from an RFI form or Data Import or by using the 'Update Interests' button. 

  • On initial BEL Lead Interest Record create, if a BEL-specific interest is added from RFI, Data Import, or the Update Interests button, a BEL interest will be added to the record if HS Grade is blank. However, if a BEL specific interest is added and the HS Grade already exists on the record but it is not 10, a general BBA interest will be added instead. 
  • On existing Person Record field change, if the HS Grade changes or URM flag changes to 'yes', the system looks to see if HS Grade = 10 and if Lead URM status = yes, if both are true, then a general BBA interest is converted to a BEL interest. Note: If a BEL interest exists with URM = yes, and the URM flag changes from 'yes' to 'no', the BEL interest will not automatically change back to a general BBA interest. The Update Interests widget will not change the interest record from BEL to BBA. In order to remove a BEL interest, the HS grade attribute has to change not equal to 10 on the record. 
BBA Lead Attributes
These attributes are gathered at the time of lead generation on the Request for Information form or Prospect Data Import. These attributes should be manually entered when creating a new prospect record. 
  • BBA Lead Type - High School Prospect, UW Madison Prospect, Transfer Prospect
  • High School Grade - 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Transfer Type - Direct or Non-Direct
  • First Generation College Student - Yes or No