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The testing process consists of validating leads data after leads import and CAOS refreshing,  simulating the UW netid logging via Shibdemo, UW Netid logging, and validating contents and links of the application pages.   

Current UW students to get into CRM via the nightly import process: PreBus SIS Data Import and CAOS Processes

  1. Student data record should include: 
    1. GPA 
    2. #Credit
  2. BBA PreBUS Campaign (BBA-PB-SIS-Load) should have campaign responses created/updated at the importing days
    1. The log file can be found for the scheduled task
  3. Contacts: 
    1. Lead information


      1. BBA lead type: UW-Madison prospect
      2. Cum GPA 
      3. Cum #credit
      4. Test Credits (Test Credits)
      5. Eligibility Details


        1. The past record should be inactive
        2. Raw current GPA of the student calculated by fields in Lead Information
        3. Raw total Credits also determined by fields in Lead Information
      1. Eligibility Summaries created based on Eligibility details


        1. The past record should be inactive
        2. If applicant's GPA and Credits Eligibility Details records are within desired range then applicant is eligible
        3. Can be overridden by the program offices due to varying reasons
    1.  Applicant type should be updated
    2. Lead interest should be updated
    3. Lead initial source should be updated


Transfer students to log in with NetID to create an application after the application opens or with lastname = wsbtest to kick off the CAOS process

  1. Contact
    1. Repeat step 4 on exisitng Contact
      1. modified date
      2. Anything else
    2. Repeat step 4 on a new contact
    3. Repeat step 4 on an existing contact without:
    4. GPA/# or credit
    5. Eligibility records
  2. Application
    1. creation date

Transfers to get course-related data via the DARS data import process: BBA PreBus applicant CRM data import from DARS

  1. Contact
    1. Courses 
    2. lead information
    3. modified date
    4. eligibility 
  2. application 

Testing the processes with other admin tools

  • CAOS refresh using netid, campusid, etc.)
  • Check eligibilities  (using emails)
  • others

Students testing after temporarily opening the application before granding opening or changing the students' last name = "wsbtest"

  • BBA Leads and Admissions office to find three types of students
    • Indirect transfer:  Eligible
    • Direct transfer: 
    • Current UW-Madison
  • EDT team to submit a ticket asking ITS students hourly to test the logging in process. 

Testing Application pages

ITS and BBA analysts need to update application configurations to ensure the application content and links are up to date:  

BBA Pre Business student application screen shots (2).docx

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