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In order to verify Eligibility for the BEL Program, transcripts are requested. As of the Fall-2019 application, applicants submit an electronic request to a high school counselor so that the counselor can upload the transcript.

Application-Side Process


The "High School Counselor" information is stored on the Application in the LRM, under "BBA BEL Self Reported Information" > "School Counselors", in a subgrid of the related record "Application Support Response" (background below). That record has the metadata about whether the Counselor has responded yet, when we last emailed them, etc, and a link to the School Counselor contact, and the contact has EmailAddress1.

Alternatively, we can also search for active Contacts with the "School Counselor" flag set to Yes, but, again, it's not clear what their relationship is to N applications. If this search is important, we'll need to work through how to deactivate "School Counselor" records during rollover.

Application Support Response

During the initial build of the LRM, "Recommendation" and "Employer Authorization" were created as separate entities. However, they are so closely related in spirit that we could consolidate them into a single entity. In fact the "Parent Guardian" functionality of the BEL Application already reuses the "Employer Authorization" for the "Parent Guardian" authorization.

With the addition of the "High School Counselor" request to upload a transcript functionality, we have the opportunity to start over with a new entity and encompasses all four of these elements. The best phrase the development team could come up with to generalize a non-applicant who is providing a recommendation/authorization/parent-guardian/school-counselor response to a request from an applicant in support of their application was "Application Support Response". 

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