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Photography credits are used to provide credit to the photographers who have provided the photos used in your blog. Below are some examples and recommendations for adding photo credits to your blog articles. 

Photography Credit Field: Top of Article by Author Content (Field)

Add the photographer's first and last name to the photography credit field and "Photos by firstname lastname"  will appear next to the blog author name at the top of your blog post. This should be used when a single photography provided all the photos used in a blog post.

In Photo Captions (Added by User)

Add a photo credit to the caption of each photo that requires a photo credit. The proper formatting for adding a photo credit is Photos by First Name, Last Name.

Bottom of the Post (Added by User)

Include a single photo credit, or photo credits with links to additional resources at the bottom of a blog post. This can be done manually if you want to have a more subdued photography credit section. There are multiple ways you can format a photography credit at the bottom of a blog post: As a paragraph with additional links to resources. Or, as a footnote if you would like to make the credit even smaller.