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This article describes the details of the FTMBA Admit Email Series Campaign Automation.

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Navigate to Workplace, Marketplace, and then Campaign Automation.
Marketing List = FTMBA - Admit Series (Auto) 6_20_2016
Admitted candidates will be automatically added to the marketing list (a plugin fires when the decision is published, which launches a series of workflows which send a congratulations email and then add them to this marketing list). You will never have to manually manage this marketing list UNLESS you want to remove someone from the list to stop them from receiving the email series.
Processes (Workflows) = CD App: FTMBA Admit Series Email 1-15
Each process is built to fire a specific email template associated with the admit series. 
Navigate to Workplace → Settings → Processes.
Switch the view from 'My Processes' to 'Activated Processes.'
Find or search for 'CD App: FTMBA Admit'
The process first checks to ensure the Application Program stored on the Person Record > Administration = Full-Time MBA. Then, the process will check to see which Application Plan (stored on the Person Record > Administration) is associated with the contact. The process will fire the corresponding email template. 
The from name/from email/subject line are managed within each process under "view properties" section.