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This article describes the process to leverage campaign automation for leads email communications and engagements.  To create a campaign automation, we need to prepare these CRM structures in CRM in advance: 

  • Marketing campaign:  We create a campaign automation for the existing CA testing campaign in LRM 
  • Static marketing list:  It targets contacts from the marketing campaign as campaign responses.  Note that A static marketing list is the only marketing list type supported by the Click Dimensions marketing list management workflow assembly and Campaign Automation.
  • Workflow:  we use workflow to add campaign responses to the static marketing list
  • Email templates:  we use an existing email template in our campaign automation

To Make A Marketing list 

  1. In the "Marketing" tab select "Marketing lists"


         2. Click on the "+NEW" button to make a new Marketing List



          3. Enter the name of the list as desired, set the list "Type" as Static and set "Targeted at" to contacts


To Add Contacts to A Marketing List Using A Workflow 

We can now add contacts to the Marketing list, to do this we would need to make two workflows, a parent workflow and a child workflow

             1. Under the "Settings" tab click on "Processes"


                2. Click on the "New" button in the top left to make a new process


                 3.  Fill in all the required fields in the workflow form: set "Activate as" to "process", "Entity" as "Campaign response", "Category" as "Workflow", "Scope" as "organization", and "Start when" as "Record is created", "Record fields created" as "RFI page 2 complete"


                   4. Trigger the child workflow to add Contacts to the Marketing List as appropriate

                   5. In the workflow form, fill in the required fields, which remain the same as the parent campaign except leave "Start when" blank

                   6. In the child workflow, add a step to check whether the campaign is for the intended programs, if yes, add the Contact (campaign responses) to the marketing list


Now that we have a marketing list, a workflow to add contacts (campaign responses) to the marketing list, we can make the Campaign automation. 

To Make A Campaign Automation

  1. In the LRM go to the "Marketing" tab and select "Campaign automation" 

       2. Click the "+NEW" button shown in the image below to make a new campaign automation

         3. Set the name of the campaign automation as desired

         4. Click on "OPEN BUILDER" button as shown below

        5. Drag and drop the "added to List" trigger to the builder, select the static marketing list made earlier in the trigger form,  and check "Run on entire list" if we intend to run this campaign automation on the entire Marketing list


          6. Add a wait timer by dragging and dropping to the Campaign Automation, set desired wait time in minutes, hours, days or months

           7. Add a "Send Email" action to the Campaign Automation, select an existing email template to send, fill in "From Name", "From Email address" and the Campaign as needed

           8. Add a "Remove from list" action to the Campaign Automation, and set the "Remove participant from the following list" to the desired list

          9. Finally, save and publish the Campaign Automation

10. To test the Campaign Automation, enter the CRM campaign's RFI form to watch our campaign responses enter the campaign automation process.  

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