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This document analyses the solution of the issue, Lead Initial Source not getting populated for the Professional MBA program in the LRM System.

Business Problem:

Business users may raise questions about their critical data not being populated or being populated incorrectly.  For example,  it was reported that 366 Contact records created after May 1, 2020, without the Lead Initial Source, a very important field to determine where the leads got interested in WSB.  However, contact records for recommenders, authorizers, guardians, etc. should not have ANY lead initial source.  Therefore, this article is created to help users to go over the analysis to determine the data integrity first.  

Analysis Steps:

  1. Audit History
    1. We have turned on the audit history for important LRM entity records on 7/31/2020, so a brief check of the audit history can reveal what event/who has changed which entity record field in question. 
    2. Note that not all entities can be audited. 
  2. Bug Verification for New Record Creation: When in doubt, it is always useful to follow the regular process to create new record to see if the field gets populated.  For example, you can create LRM contact records by those means: 
    1. Create a test contact record.  For the example case, you can use the relevant RFI form (
    2. Verify if the newly created test contact record has the correct data populated in the field such as Lead Initial Source
    3. Or you can register as an applicant with the last name being "wsbtest" to verify if the field is being populated. 
    4. Report the bug through the helpdesk if the field is not being populated
  3. If the new records look okay,  then you can use the Advanced Find query to show how many old records without the data with the following criteria: 
    1. non-test contacts (last name not equal "wsbtest")
    2. Recommender or Authorizer
    3. The questionable field containing no data.  i.e. Lead Initial Source
    4. Created On before 7/31/2020. 
    5. Run the query to return 149 records for the example raised in the problem section. 
  4. Data checking
    1. Check the Audit History of these 149 records, and identify how many records should be corrected 
    2. Identify further eliminated criteria such as Shibboleth Authentication and Registration Program being "BBA Pre-Business"
    3. Add those criteria to the query to nail down the truly incorrect records and their associated records or attributes. 
  5. Conclusion
    1. Drive a conclusion based on the query defined according to the specified criteria
    2. Report any outstanding issues via the helpdesk. 
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