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This article outlines how to create a new prospective student (lead) contact record in LRM with specific Wisconsin School of Business program interests.


How to create a new prospective student (lead) contact record in LRM:

Before creating a new contact record, search existing records to ensure the contact does not already exist in the system.  Use asterisk (*) wildcard character to search with partial text (best search option!).

  1. 1. Sales > People > Search
    1. Last Name, First Name (Smith, John)
    2. Email OR
    3. First name (John) OR 
    4. Last name (Smith) 
  2. If the contact does not already exist, create a new contact.
  3. Select "New" and enter at least the required information, Email, Last Name, and First Name, then select "Save." Add additional information on the contact, if available.
    1. Please note: An automatically "Validated" graduate program lead requires ZIP code and phone number. See Also: Lead Management
  4. In order for the contact to be marked as a prospective student record, you MUST add a program interest to the record. See instructions below.  


How to add or update program interests for a new or existing contact:

  1. To add or update interests, open the prospective student (lead) Person record. If the Person record does not exist, follow the steps above to create a new record.
  2. In the navigation bar towards the top, there will be three dots (an ellipsis) to the right of the other options. In this overflow menu, the update interests option will be towards the bottom, as shown in the screenshot below. Select this option.

  3. This will redirect to a web form. In the form, select the appropriate planned year of enrollment (term) from the drop down and program(s) of interest and then "Save Interests." Close the browser. 

  4. Refresh the Person record in LRM and view "Lead Information" to confirm program interests have been added. 
  5. The contact should have a role of "Prospective Student" and a sub role of "Lead/Lead and Applicant/Applicant" and a corresponding "Lead Status".