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Creating a Test Account for use in the Admissions Web Application.

In order to improve security around test accounts and add additional functionality, a user with the LastName of 'wsbtest' is not inherently treated a test account. That LastName should still be used in order to exclude test accounts from reports.


This is applicable to the following applications:

  • BBA Prebusiness (Spring 2017)
  • BEL (Fall 2017)
  • Graduate (Fall 2018)

Access limitations:

  • These instructions only work for LRM-admins and WSB-analysts. If you need test accounts created but are not in those groups, please contact your Programs WSB-analyst or submit an LRM support request.

There are two mechanisms to create test accounts, depending on what part of the process you would like to test. 

Manual Step-by-step guide

If you would like to mirror the registration process applicants go through, follow these instructions

  1. Fill in the registration information in the portal of your choice using a Program Login (ToDo ... move to KB)
  2. In Dev or Prod, you will receive a confirmation email: click the link to confirm your registration. At this point, the account is subject to all of the limitations of a standard user.
  3. Find the contact in the environment you registered the contact for, and navigate to the "Administration" tab. In the 'Contact WebApp Settings" section there are two critical checkboxes
    1. 'Is Test Web Account': if checked, the user is treated as a test-account and will override limitations on the account (ToDo..enumerate them)
    2. 'Force WebApp-Constraints For Test Account': pending enhancements. More information to come.


Auto-Generated Step-by-step guide

If you would like to skip the registration process applicants go through, or create bulk test accounts, follow these instructions

  1. Login to the admissions application you'd like to use (dev, uat or prod)
  2. Navigate to the "Admin" section in the top-navigation panel
  3. Select "Create Test Records"
    1. The page includes detailed instructions.

Using extended e-mail addressing can help distinguish your test accounts.

Given an wisc address "", the address can be extended with the plus sign ( + ) and any additional, useful text but the base wisc address will still receive the emails. So the following emails all would be received by Bucky: