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This is a guide for working through decision management, decision letter creation and decision publishing.

Once an application is in the Review stage, you may now make an admissions decision and create a decision letter.

  1. Open the application form. The Application Process Workflow now handles this function in Dynamics 2016. Once the application is in the review stage, there will be a Decision dropdown and an Application Withdrawn toggle which appear.

    A decision must be made or the application must be withdrawn in order to move the application to the next stage. If neither of these have been selected, the process workflow blocks the application from moving to the next stage and alerts that required steps must be completed.

  2. Select an application decision, and proceed to the next stage.

  3. Use the Application Process Workflow and the Decision Management section of the form to view and confirm the application decision.

    NOTE: If your program does not send decision letters through the system, skip to the decision publishing instructions.
  4. Add an Acceptance/Enrollment Deposit Deadline within the application information section on the form. Please note: You must add a date to this field in order for the date to be added to a decision letter. This is especially the case with Admit or Admit-pending letters. You must save the application record to update this information. 

  5. If the application status is Admit Pending, add Admit Pending Conditions to the application record. If you publish an admit pending letter, these conditions are added to the decision letter content. Select save on the form to save the added conditions to the application record. 

  6. Add Merit details to the application record. First, you must set the Decision reason to Merit to expose the merit options of the specific program, and to add merit offerings to the record. Find this drop down in the Decision Management > Decision Reason on the application form.  

    Then navigate to the program specific merit section and select the merit offerings you wish to include in the decision letter. Save the form to add conditions to the application record.


Important: You must SAVE the application record before creating a decision letter to ensure all deadlines, admit-pending conditions, and merit selections will be included in the decision letter.

Important Note: Confirm the application decision prior to creating a decision letter!

  1. Click ‘Create Letter’ to start generating the letter.  Please note that this will only generate the letter for the latest decision created, and will overwrite a previous decision letter if it has not yet been published. Previously published decision letters will maintain in the secure documents section on the application record.

  2. In the Decision Management section of the application form, the ‘Generating Letter’ checkbox will be checked.  This process may take up to 5 minutes to finish. When complete, the ‘Letter Ready’ check box will be checked.

  3. You may now open Secure Documents in the left-hand navigation to validate the letter’s content.  Note that the letter file name as listed in the ‘WIP Letter’ field. (WIP = Work In Progress)

  4. Open the letter to view it.  When viewing, be sure to check that a correct date is listed for the acceptance deadline/enrollment deposit and merit information and other admission details are correct. Once the letter's content is verified, you may move on to the next step and publish your decision.


 How do I publish my decision?

  1. To publish your decision, add a date in the ‘Publish Decision on’ field. Once the date is entered, click the ‘Save’ button in the upper-left corner of the Application Record. 

    When the Publish Decision date is reached, the system will automatically send an email to the applicant to notify them that their application decision is available to view in our online admissions system. If you haven't 
    created a decision letter by this date, the applicant will not see a letter. 


    Decisions will be published at 12 PM (Noon) on the date entered in the 'Publish Decision on' field.
    If you enter today's date and it's AFTER 12 PM (Noon), the decision will be published IMMEDIATELY on Save. 
    If you enter a date in the past, the decision will be published IMMEDIATELY on Save.



  2. Important: Do not forget to click Save. The admissions decision and letter are not visible to the applicant until the decision is published! 
  3. In the Publish Decision section, when the decision is viewed by the applicant, the ‘Decision Viewed’ and ‘Last Decision’ fields will fill with data.  Note that these fields will be overwritten once another decision is published and subsequently viewed.
  4. A Decision History record will be created only after the decision is viewed by the applicant.