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If a document has failed to upload into the mashup/applicant info document, you will see the following error:


This is generally caused by formatting issues in the PDF based upon how the applicant created or converted the document into a PDF.

Step-by-step guide

The following steps should resolve the issue:

  1. Download the failed documents from their respective secure document folder on the application.
  2. Using Adobe Acrobat, ideally print to XPS and then print this back into a PDF. 
    1. This may not work for all PDFs, so instead try to print directly to a new PDF document.
  3. Upload the new files in the secure documents folder.
  4. Once you have verified the new copy is uploaded, delete the old versions from the secure documents folder.
  5. On the application, set the field "Application Summary Ready" to no. A new mashup should be created in 10 minutes.
  6. When the new mashup is created, it should now contain the new PDF documents and not throw any errors.