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An overview of how to make changes to a website page and find Meta-Data items.

Step 1: Go to the website page you would like to edit in your internet browser (e.g.

Step 2: Locate the website page in Sitecore [/sitecore/content/Bus/about-us/facilities-events/event-services/reservations-costs]

Step 3: Lock and edit the page.

Step 4: Preview the page (WSOB tab >Preview Page), and have both the preview and live website pages open. Then, any changes saved/staged on previewedit can be compared to what is already live.

Step 5: Go to the WSOB tab in the top toolbar/ribbon in Sitecore, and click on Details.

Step 6: Under Shared Layout > Controls, all the Controls/Widgets that make up a website page are shown.

Step 7: The Events Spaces & Seating Configurations control is the data source for the information about reservations and costs that is displayed on this website page. Click on Events Spaces & Seating Configurations and look at the Data Source.

Step 8: Navigate to the Meta-Data or place where the information for this content lives in Sitecore [/sitecore/content/Bus/about-us/event-services/meta-data/reservations-costs]

Step 9: Select the Tab, or Question you would like to edit from the list of items. Lock and edit each item that needs to be updated and edit the necessary fields. Click Save (Save often).

Step 10: Refresh the preview of the page in your internet browser. Alternatively, go to the website page in Sitecore and click on the WSOB tab >Preview Page to open a new preview of website page. Review the changes that have been saved to the Meta-Data item.

Step 11: After all the necessary changes are staged, publish each Meta-Data item by clicking Submit and Publish.

Step 12: Then duplicate the tab in your internet browser that has the live website page open. Refresh the live website page and confirm that all the changes are published live. Compare what is live to what was previously live to ensure no additional adjustments are necessary.

Step 13: Submit and publish or Check-in the website page you are working on so it is Unlocked and ready for others to work on.
Step 14: Reach out to the website team if deleting or renaming items and website pages. The web team can provide guidance and assist with making these types of updates. To contact the web team email
Note: When editing the content of a website page directly, steps 10 through 12 would apply solely to the website page rather than individual Meta-Data items, and Step 13 would not be necessary.

Screen shot of steps 1-8

Screen shot of steps 9-11