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How to publish images for use in the Sitecore email builder.

How-to Upload an Image to the Media Library and Publish the Media Item 

  1. From the Content Editor go to the Media Library.

  2. In the Email folder navigate to your department folder. Then navigate to the year and month of the email send (add folders, as needed).

  3. With the correct month folder selected in the right hand column click on Upload Files (Advanced). Browse for and select the photo you would like to upload to the media library from your computer. Click Open.

  4. Add the alternate text for the photo.

  5. Click Upload.

  6. Then with the photo selected click Publish Media Item. If necessary you may need to publish the new year and month folder.

Screen shot of the publish media item icon

Link the new image to the control in the Email Builder

  1. You must be in the Content Editor.
  2. Navigate to the email you wish to add the image to. It will be in the Templates / Email folder. 
  3. Go to Presentation Details.
  4. From Layout Details click Edit.
  5. Click on Controls.
  6. Add the image or control, if needed. Edit the control. Images can be added to the Full Width Image and Article Controls.
  7. Browse for the image that was uploaded to the Media Library.  
  8. Add Alternate Text. Make the image a Hyperlink if you want the image clickable. 
  9. Make sure you have a placeholder on the control. Click Okay, as needed and save your changes. 
  10. Preview the page as needed. If the email looks how you want it to, publish your changes to commit the changes.