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This article will outline the basic knowledge needed to effectively start learning how to navigate LRM. This will include changing dashboards, viewing different entities (contacts, accounts, applications, etc.), checking recently viewed items, Advanced Finds (queries), and options.

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Change Dashboard 

By default, all accounts load a dashboard when opening LRM. They are built to give quick snapshots of information. 

  1. Select the drop-down for dashboards. Find the dashboard you would like to view and click on it.

  2. To change the default dashboard that loads when opening the LRM, the button which has a pin and says "Set As Default."

Navigating the Workplace 

Nearly all navigation done to get through LRM will be housed in this menu.

  1. In order to open this crucial menu, select the dropdown arrow next to the work "Workplace."

  2. Clicking different categories within this main menu allows you to see different options. As can be seen above, Workplace contains most of the major categories related to entities which are actionable. The below screenshot shows a different view with the Marketing category, which includes a number of different marketing functions within LRM.

Recently Viewed

LRM offers functionality to see your recently viewed items (contacts, applications, etc.). To access this menu, select the clock with an arrow through it in the top right of LRM.

Advanced Finds

In order to do queries of data within LRM, you will need to used Advanced Finds. Advanced Finds can be found by clicking on the funnel icon near the recently viewed items menu, located in the top right of the page.


There are a number of options to maximize productivity within LRM. These can be found through the gear icon in the top right of the screen, and then "Options." For more information on recommended options, refer to the article New User Set Up.