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An overview of the areas in Sitecore that are maintained by the Facilities and Event Services (FES) team.

Website Pages, Images and Documents

The following website pages are edited and maintained by Facilities and Event Services. For every website page there is a folder in the media library that images and documents are uploaded to. 

Item/Page NameItem PathNotesMedia Library Folder NameItem Path
Facilities Services/sitecore/content/Bus/about-us/faculty-staff-resources/facilities-servicesWhere the main and majority of the content lives.facilities-services/sitecore/media library/Bus/About-Us/faculty-staff-resources/facilities-services
Event Services/sitecore/content/Bus/about-us/event-servicesWhere the main and majority of the event services content lives.Event Squares/sitecore/media library/Bus/About-Us/Event Services
Event Spaces & Seating Configurations/sitecore/content/Bus/about-us/event-services/event-spaces-seating-configurationsMeta-Data: /sitecore/content/Bus/about-us/event-services/meta-data/event-services/event-spaces-and-seating-configuration/new-event-spacesRoom Photos/Bus/About-Us/Event Services/Room-Photos/
Reservations and Costs/sitecore/content/Bus/about-us/event-services/reservations-costsMeta-Data: /sitecore/content/Bus/about-us/event-services/meta-data/event-services/reservations-costs/reservations-costs-spaceN/AN/A

Email Builder (Not Currently in Use by Facilities and Event Services)


Emails are created in the following folder in Sitecore and organized by YYYY > MM.

Item Path

Email Images and Documents

Images that are embedded into and documents that are linked to, from emails are uploaded to the following folder in Sitecore and organized by YYYY > MM.

Item Path

Media Library Images

The Media library folder structure over time should match the site navigation and page structure. The folder structure is ordered based off the navigation bar, utility bar, and then breadcrumbs. In order wards, if you are working the website page [About Us > Facilities and Event Services > Catering Menus] the best folder structure in the Media Library would be [Media Library > About Us > Facilities and Event Services > Catering Menus].

  • Follow proper File Naming Conventions

  • All folders, files, and item names should be lowercase and use hyphens for spaces. No special characters should be used. There is no need to include prepositions - words like and, the, with, etc.

    • Example: For Faculty and Research the filename in the media library is faculty-research