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In an effort to support launching applications that have been signed off on by all parties within WSB, the EDT will mark applications as "finalized". Applications which are "finalized" will behave as normal: the "date" fields on the ApplicationConfiguration record will determine if applications are open or closed to applicants. If an application is not "finalized", the application will still be considered closed regardless of the date fields (not opening at the dateOpen date).

Program Login Functionality

On the program login page, the header information contain dates will update depending on if the application is "finalized".

If the application is finalized, the header information follows the existing functionality.

If the application is not finalized, the header information will adjust as follows:

  1. Pre-dateOpen, but closed (application opens in more than 60 days, or number of days set in ApplicationConfiguration): "Closed; Tentative Opens on <date>"
  2. Pre-dateOpen, pending (application opens in 60 days or less, or number of days set in ApplicationConfiguration): "Opens Soon: Tentative Opens on <date>"
  3. Post-dateOpen, application should be open but application is not "finalized": "Opens Soon: Tentative Opens as soon as possible"
  4. Post-dateClose, no change