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Linking to and embedding Flickr photo galleries 

Flickr photo galleries can be integrated into the Wisconsin School of Business website in two ways as links or embeds. Links to galleries can be in text (hyperlinks), buttons, and other forms of calls to action that link to a photo gallery that is hosted on Embeds can be used to feature a photo galleries directly in the content of a website page. Below are some basic guidelines for Flickr photo galleries links and embeds.

When to Link to a Flickr Photo Gallery

Link to a Flickr photo gallery when your photos are not cropped to the same aspect ratio. Linking to a photo gallery is effect if it is not directly related to the main calls to action on a website page and/or the user experience is best supported by independent photo gallery. Linking to a photo gallery is best when your photo gallery has more than 15 photos.

The ATW team may grant access to the creation of flickr photo galleries to select users. User created galleries should only be linked to.

Flickr Photo Gallery Embeds

Embed a photo gallery when it is directly related to the content on the website page. The gallery should add to the user experience and use high quality photos. A Flickr photo gallery can only be embedded if all the images are cropped to the same aspect ratio and size.


  • Flickr’s default embed code is not approved for use on our website, it does not meet accessibility or responsive design standards. Please use the correct blog short code and website components to insert photo galleries onto blog post and website pages.
  • Brand Toolkit: Photography Assets
    • Individuals featured in your photos will need to complete a Photo/Video consent and release authorization.
    • You may be asked to provide content forms, please keep signed copies of your records.

Standard Photo Aspect Ratio and Sizes

All photos should be cropped and optimized prior to adding them to a Flickr photo gallery. 

  • Responsive Blog Posts and Experience Editor Pages
    • Standard Photo Crop: 2,048 px x 1,365 px
    • If a gallery creator does not have original photos this size or larger format, they should reach out to the web team to assist in implementing the gallery.
    • Do not scale images up to this size as it will cause pixelation/fuzziness.
    • Add minimum requirements
  • This size will support Flickr rendering image widths of:

    • XLarge 1024 px wide

    • Large 800 px wide

    • Medium 640 px wide

    • Small 320 px wide

  • The web team is able to size down images (e.g. pull 800 px images from Flickr and display at 640 px in width on the website).

  • The xlarge size of 1024 px wide will support photo galleries on a landing pages with an expanded width.

At this time the ATW team should perform any photo gallery embeds on any legacy sizes.

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