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Content Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

These individuals are the point of contact for a given area of the website. They should review content at least quarterly for accuracy (read more about what is considered an accuracy update).

The trained Sitecore editor for the area may make updates, or the SME may send a request to

Content SMEs may also be Sitecore-trained editors, but this is not required.

Full-Time MBA Current Student Resources

Area of Website



Date Added to this List

CurriculumMark Matosianmark.matosian@wisc.edu5/15/19
Honor CodeMark Matosianmark.matosian@wisc.eduto confirm
Student ProfilesTBD - Blair? mentioned in an Insights meeting moving these to WSB

New Admits and FAQsTBD
Christine WEB-4683

MBA Staff  and 

Contact Us 

Betsy Kacizakbetsy.kacizak@wisc.edu5/15/19
Applied Security Analysis

Cara Scadden


Arts Administration

Becky Buckmanrebecca.buckman@wisc.edu5/20/19

Brand and Product Management

Sarah Kervinsarah.kervin@wisc.edu5/20/19
Corporate Finance and Investment BankingBrad Chandlerbrad.chandler@wisc.edu5/20/19
Marketing ResearchKristin Branchkristin.branch@wisc.edu5/20/19
Operations and Technology ManagementSteve Boeder?

Real Estate? ask Lee


Risk Management and InsuranceLinda Barrett?

Strategic Human Resource ManagementMaria Triana?maria.triana@wisc.edu5/20/19
Supply Chain ManagementDanielle Zinkdanielle.zink@wisc.edu5/20/19

Sitecore Trained Editors

These individuals have been trained on using Sitecore to update specific area(s) of the website.

If an area does not have an individual trained in Sitecore editing, page accuracy should still be reviewed by the content subject matter expert above at least quarterly. If updates are necessary, a web team request should be submitted to .

If an individual doesn’t plan on being able to make edits at least monthly, we recommend they do not receive training/access and edits are instead sent to

If a new hire needs Sitecore training, please submit a training request by emailing

Full-Time MBA Current Student Resources Site (will be updated soon)

Area of Website



Date of Training

Current Students

Jenna Schoenke


Email Builder Editors

The email builder training is currently the older way of editing in Sitecore. It will be updated to the newer Experience Editor in the near future. 
We will reach out to email builder editors at that time.

Types of Emails



Date of Training

Blog Authors

Blog post creation is currently the older way of editing in Sitecore. Migration to the responsive layout is scheduled for June-July 2019.
When the blog is moved to the responsive container, responsive posts will be authored in WordPress and pulled into Sitecore dynamically.
For this reason, blog post creation is a separate training from Sitecore editor training.



Date of Training