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This article outlines how to access and respond to inquiries submitted by the Request for Information form.

Go to Workplace Dashboards. From the drop down menu, select the "Leads: WSB Inquiries" dashboard. 

If you would like to make this dashboard your default view when you open the LRM, select "Set As Default" at the top of the screen. 
In this dashboard, you will see a list of contacts who have submitted a question via the "Ask A Question" button on the Request for Information form or on the WSB website off-canvas form. The default list "WSB Inquiries - No Reply" lists inquiries that have not yet been responded to. To view all inquiries, use the drop down to select "WSB Inquiries - All." To view program-specific inquires, use the drop down list associated with your program. 
Select the contact you wish to reply to in order to open the contact record. Review the contact record, and then view the Communications and Notes. All inquiries submitted via the Request for Information form will have the subject "Wisconsin School of Business Inquiry." Select the email record to open the message.
View the inquiry submitted by the contact. To indicate that the email will be/has been replied to, you must select the "Mark As Replied" button and hit "Save." 
To reply to the email, select the "Reply" button. 
A new email message will open. Verify the "From" contact is the appropriate reply email address. Type your reply in the email body. 
Select the "Send" button. 
The email message will now be tracked on the contact's record within LRM in the Communications and Notes section of the contact record.