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An overview of how to set up a LastPass account and install the plugin.

How-to Create a Account

  1. Go to

  2. Click on "Login".

  3. Click on "Create an account now".

  4. Create an account using your work or email address.

  5. You should set up your own username and password.

Account Recovery

If you do now know your password to your last pass account you will need to:

  1. Follow the LastPass.comRecover Steps.

  2. If all the recovery steps do not work you can Reset Your Account or Delete Your Account and create it again.

    1. All your account data will be deleted and shared logins will need to be re-shared with you. 

Installing the Plugin and Accepting a Shared Resource

In order for LastPast to work properly and automatically load the username and password of saved or shared data, you will need to have the plugin installed on your internet browser.

  1. Go to

  2. Download the extension for your browser from the "Downloads" page.

  3. Add the extension to your internet browser, if needed enable the extension.

  4. Sign into the extension.

    Screen shot of LastPassPlugin

  5. Ask the web team to share access to your iContact client folder with the email address you used to create your account.
  6. Accept the share by following the steps in the email you will receive from the web team. 
  7. Go to and click on Log In.

    1. The username and password for your client folder should automatically load.

    2. Click Log In.

  8. You will automatically be taken to your iContact client folder.