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This article outlines how to manage leads, as well as how to set Lead Status to Validated or Inactive.


In order to manage higher quality interactions with prospective students (leads), Lead Status validation logic was built to flag prospective student records that are more or less viable leads. Lead Statuses allow for tailored marketing efforts for different prospective student audiences.

The prospective student (lead) contact record requires basic profile information, along with a lead interest record, in order for Lead Status to be Validated. 

As a general rule, a "validated" lead should have two contact methods (email, phone) and a geographic region (ZIP code). In order to validate the lead manually, the contact must have at least one current interest record. 

Basic Information Required

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • ZIP
  • Phone
  • At least one lead interest record


How do I set the Lead Status to Validated? 
Select the "Validate Prospect" Button at the top of the page within the ellipses.
How do I set the Lead Status to Inactive? 

Select the "Set Inactive" Button at the top of the page within the ellipses.

How do I add a Lead Interest record or Update Interests?