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This article outlines prospective student engagement and qualification metrics within the LRM.

Wisconsin School of Business system users can manually prioritize lead contacts on two dimensions:

  • How engaged the lead is with the Wisconsin School of Business
  • How qualified the lead is for a particular program or plan

To support manual prioritization, two fields are provided that apply to the lead record: Engagement Level and Qualification Score. An engagement score represents the level of engagement that is occurring with the lead, which may not be program or plan dependent. A qualification score represents how qualified the lead is for a specific program or plan.

Engagement Level 
0 – Engagement cold
1 – Somewhat engaged
2 – Very engaged
3 – Highly likely to apply
4 – Applied

An engagement score can be assigned to the overall lead record. View the engagement level under Lead Information > Lead Summary on the lead contact record. 

Update Engagement Level

To update the engagement level, navigate to 'Lead Information' in the person record. Select the appropriate engagement level in dropdown.


Qualification Score
2-Not Qualified
3-Meets base expectations
4-Exceeds expectations
5-Highly Qualified

A qualification score can be assigned to each interest record stored on the lead contact record. Qualification score will default to Undetermined when a new interest is created. If the term changes on a specific interest, the qualification score will carry with the interest created for the new term. View the qualification score under Lead Information > Lead Interests on the lead contact record.


Update Interest Qualification Score

To update a qualification score, open a lead interest record and use the drop down selection menu.