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Mission: To encourage WSB faculty and staff to track external engagement activities in LRM so that we can have a better WSB-wide collaboration and data sharing culture.


  1. Streamlined communications
    • The Dean will have all the information of engagements undertaken between WSB units and the alumni or company in advance.
    • Program units can reach out to an external relationship contact in a coordinated way.
  2. Internal Coordination and efficiency
    • BBA can leverage knowledge of previous engagements from FTMBA with the same partner so that we present a unified message to the partner.
    • The external partner will receive coordinated campaign messages without being overloaded.
    • Dean’s office can have access to each unit’s external engagement reports in CRM without waiting.
    • External relationships won’t get lost due to staff turnover.
  3. Deeper and wider engagement with an external partner
    • External partners can meet with WSB students of all programs.
    • External partners can meet with faculty and staff for research and outreach opportunities.
  4. Better reporting
    • Centers or program offices can evaluate the outcome of external partner hiring based on the engagement report.
    • Centers or program offices can plan next year engagements based on data in one place.
  5. Better student placement
    • Students can get all network or outreach opportunities at the same time.
    • Students can participate in more research collaborations to become more marketable.
  6. Gauging employer interest in hiring regarding specialization
    • Can be used to expand existing program based off of hiring data.
    • Create new curriculums or programs to meet hiring demand.

If you need LRM CER training or have any questions, please contact Xiujuan Jane Zhang,

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