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In this tutorial we demonstrate how-to login into Sitecore.

NOTE: You will need to be on a Grainger Hall workstation or connected to the VPN to access Sitecore.



  • Go to the Sitecore login page
  • Enter your Grainger login credentials
  • Click "Login"

Step-by-step Guide

In order to login into Sitecore make sure you are on the grainger network (working at your work station or with a VPN). Then, determine what domain name you need to edit (if you are using Email Builder, use the domain). Go to the login page that is appropriate for the space/pages you wish to edit.

Sitecore Login Pages

Enter your credentials

  • User Name: grainger\username
  • Password: the same one you use to log into your computer when at your workstation in Grainger Hall

Click "Log in"

Sitecore login page place for credentials, username, and password

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