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This article outlines a high-level overview of what actions should be taken to make an application ready for review, and how to mark an application incomplete.

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Submitted applications should be verified as complete before making the application Ready for Review. 
This process helps identify any applications that may be submitted, but still incomplete. 
Application Status Sections
  • Use the Application Status sections on the right side of the Application Record to indicate whether important application items have been reviewed and verified. 
  • You will see that some check boxes under the application status section are read-only. These are automatically updated check boxes. Read through this process to find out more. 
Cycle: Manually assign a cycle to an application based on your program office's reporting needs. 
Ranking: Manually assign a ranking to the application based on your program office's reporting needs.
LRM Record Navigation
Navigation has moved from the right hand side of the screen (as in 2011) to appearing to the right of the application name (signified by three bars in 2016).

Application Record Navigation

Person Navigation - Academic History and Employment History Records
If you click on the Applicant name, as shown above, you can open the Person Record to find the Academic History and Employment History records submitted via the application.

If entering the person record from the application, the "X" in the top right of the person record will close the record and return to the application which led to the person record.

Key Metrics - GPA and Months Worked

Official GPA:
  • Number must be entered manually. Official GPA should be entered after reviewing uploaded transcript documents stored under "Secure Documents" on the application. 
  • To find the applicant's self-reported GPA, you may also navigate to the Academic History record stored on the Person Record. 
Months Worked:
  • Number is calculated automatically from self-reported Employment History records. 
  • To review or update employment history records, navigate to the Employment History record stored on the Person Record. 
Test Scores

All self-reported test scores must be verified against data stored by the official testing association (example: GMAC for official GMAT scores). 

  • Open each submitted test score record, review, and update them, as necessary.
  • Once all submitted scores are marked as 'Official', the read-only ‘Test Scores Official’ toggle in Application Status will be automatically switch to 'Yes'. 
  • Check to be sure required essay record(s) contain data and are completed correctly. 
  • Manually toggle the ‘Essays Completed’ option in the Application Status (Internal) area, or in the process workflow when the application is in the submitted stage. 
 Use the "x" in the top right of the essay response to return to the application, as was shown for the person record above.
  • Check to be sure recommendation answers contain data and are completed correctly.
  • Once all required recommendations are submitted, the read-only ‘Recommendations Complete' toggle in the Application Status (Internal) area will be automatically changed to "Yes".
Application Documents - Transcripts and Résumé
Application documents are available under Secure Documents in the navigation menu. 
  • Upload Official Transcript(s) to the Secure Documents section. 
  • Be sure the record is marked as ‘Official.' To do this, open the Academic History Record found under Academic History on the Person Record.
  • Once all required transcripts are marked 'Official', the read-only ‘Transcripts Official’ toggle in Application Status will change to "Yes". 
  • Check the résumé document is correct. 
  • Manually toggle the ‘Résumé Complete’ box in the Application Status (Internal) area or in the Application Process Workflow. 

Final Check

Save the Application Record and/or Person Record after any adjustments have been made. 


Mark the Application Ready to Review
Using the Application Process Workflow and after determining the application is Ready to Review, select "Next Stage" to move the application into the review stage.
Important: As soon as you hit the Ready for Review button, the applicant will receive an email notifying them that their application is in review.
Incomplete Application
If any of the submitted application pieces were missing during your review, manually toggle the 'Incomplete' field in either the application status (internal) section or in the application process workflow. By toggling, you can create a query for incomplete applications and update them as important application information is received. Remember to toggle the 'Incomplete' to "No" when the application is complete.