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An overview of the areas in Sitecore that are maintained by Management and Human Resources.

Website Pages, Images and Documents

Page NameItem PathMedia Library Path

Management & Human Resources

/sitecore/content/Bus/current-student-resources/bba/majors-specializations-certificates/management-human-resources/sitecore/media library/Bus/current-student-resources/bba/majors-certificates-specializations/management-human-resources

Strategic Human Resource Management

/sitecore/content/Bus/mba/current-students/mba-specializations/strategic-human-resource-management/sitecore/media library/Bus/MBA/Specializations/SHRM

Blog Images and Documents

Images that are used in blogs should be located in one of the appropriate folders and organized by YYYY > MM


Item Path

Media Library Path

Strategic Human Resource Management Blog/sitecore/content/Bus/mba/current-students/mba-specializations/strategic-human-resource-management/blog/sitecore/media library/Blogs/specializations/SHRM

Email Builder

Emails are created in the following folder in Sitecore and organized by YYYY > MM. 

Images and documents that are embedded/linked to from emails are uploaded to the following media library folder in Sitecore and organized by YYYY > MM.

Item PathMedia Library Path
/sitecore/content/templates/email/strategic-hr-mba/sitecore/media library/email/shrm

Headshots Folder for Use on Website Pages and Emails

All faculty and staff headshots should be referenced from the following folder.

Item Path

/sitecore/media library/headshots

General Images for Emails

Item Path

/sitecore/media library/email/template

Perspective Student Content

The following pages on are currently edited and maintained by the web team. In order to update content on these pages, you would need to submit a request by emailing