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The media library for and bus.wis.cedu (in process) is organized in a way that will allow for more efficient maintenance and improved performance. We also feel that this structure will provide the best user experience.

In this tutorial we demonstrate and discuss the best practices for each of the above topics.. Occasionally hyperlinks to other resources have been provided. In order to ensure a proper understanding of our recommendations, please be sure to review the additional resources in detail.


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  • Organize your files according to the navigation and page structure using folder and sub-folders
  • Each page should have it's own folder in the media library
  • Unless an image is a common or shared image, each image on a website page should be in that website page's folder

Best Practices

File Naming Conventions

  • Follow proper File Naming Conventions and Best Practices

  • All folders, files, and item names should be lowercase and use hyphens for spaces. No special characters should be used. There is no need to include prepositions - words like and, the, with, etc.

    • Example: For Faculty and Research the filename in the media library is faculty-research

  • Banner Images: banner-description-HxW

General Folder Structure of the Media Library

The Media library folder structure matches the site navigation and page structure. The folder structure is ordered based off the navigation bar, utility bar, and then breadcrumbs.

  • Top level folders are determined by what is featured in the navigation bar and utility bar.

  • Subfolders are then determined based off the breadcrumbs.

  • Each main sections and subsection will contain a documents folder.

  • Example of the folder structure:

    • Navigation section

      • documents

      • landing-page

      • sub-section

        • documents

          • All documents in this section

        • landing-page (first folder)

          • Images live here!

        • each-subpage (order by breadcrumbs)

          • Images live here!

          • Add additional example here

  • Rows with groups of photos in them can have their own folder. For example on the Alumni landing page the stay connected, events, and latest news sections have their own folder.

Documents and Image Locations


All documents for a specific section should live in the main documents folder. Documents folders contain .pdf’s primarily but could also contain other types of files that are not images. For example all the .pdfs and files that are not images that are related the the Ph.D. program should be uploaded to the main documents folder under doctoral-phd.


All images should live in a subfolder that represents the page displaying the image. All images should be re-sized and optimized for display on the web. 

Common/Shared Images

The development of shared images is still in process. does not meet the same standards as

Common and shared images are images that are used in multiple places on the website. Right now, these images include the following:

  • Headshots: /sitecore/media library/headshots
    • Alumni: /sitecore/media library/headshots/alumni
    • Faculty and Staff: /sitecore/media library/headshots/faculty-staff
    • Students: /sitecore/media library/headshots/students
      • By program
  • Common/Shared Images: /sitecore/media library/common
    • Ranking Shields: /sitecore/media library/common/rankings

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