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Below are the steps for linking to a file that has been uploaded to the media library and is being added to a website page.

Uploading the File and Linking to the Media Library Item

  1. Ensure your file meets our file naming and if a PDF the PDF accessibility standards.
  2. Upload the file to the appropriate media library.
  3. With the image selected click the "WSOB" tab and then click "Publish Media Item".
  4. You'll now be able to link to the item using a Sitecore link and add a link to the file to a website page.

    1. Go to the website page and item that requires the link to the PDF.
    2. In the rich text editor select the text or image you want to be a hyperlink.
    3. Click on the Sitecore link icon, click on the Media library tab.
    4. Select the file in the media library.
    5. Click "Insert".
    6. The new hyperlink that is a Sitecore link will now be added to the text.
    7. Click Accept
  5. Save and preview the page to review the changes. Publish the page to make the changes live.

Screen shot of steps 4a-4g

Screen shot of steps 4a-4e

Linking to Files in the Email Builder

Additional Steps Required for Adding Links to Files from an Email in the Email Builder

For emails, links need to be set as absolute links using the Hyperlink Manager (full url including https) rather than Sitecore links. Please see the article Email Builder: How to Link to a PDF or Other File for more details.

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