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Below is a brief overview of the items that need to be checked prior to asking the web team to make a new website page live. Also included is the basic process for requesting a new website page, working on the page as a content designer, and collaborating with the web team to publish the new page live.

Content Designer Items to Review Prior to Requesting a New Page Go Live

  • Receive web team approval on the initial draft of the semi final content.
  • As needed, receive brand approval on any new design components.
  • Ensure all other pages with links the new page are updated. As needed, provide content suggestions and request the web team to update any pages that the content designer does not have access to.
  • The page should have:
    • SEO Title
    • SEO Description
    • Main Heading
  • Test all links on the website page to ensure that they work properly. 
  • Ensure that PDFs meet the Campus' minimum accessibility requirements: Accessibility compliance: PDF files without images.
  • All files linked to from the website page should meet the File Naming Conventions and Best Practices.
  • All images should have alternative text.
  • Images should not be nested under other images in the media library.
  • All items in the local content folder:
    • Should not have nested sub-items (except for accordion items, sub-pages links, and product listings).
    • Each item in the local content folder should have a unique name.
    • Any items in the local content folder that are no longer on the page should be deleted and references to the item removed.
  • Equalizer is applied  and working in all areas that should be the same height
  • Headings are nested properly

Basic Process

  1. The content designer will request that the web team create a new website page for their unit.
  2. The content designer within that unit will develop the website page content and layout.
  3. The content designer will request that the web team review your initial layout at least 2 weeks before go live.
  4. The web team will review the page for user experienced and website best practices and provide feedback.
  5. As needed, one week before go live the content designer and web team will request a brand review by the Brand Insights manager (Cindy Bush).
  6. One week before going live is necessary, the content designer will provide the web team of the approx go live date.
  7. One day before go live the content designer will review the website page and ensure all the above items have been checked. 
  8. The web team will publish the website page live. The web team will ask the content designer to make any necessary page improvements to support go live.
  9. The web team will review any existing go links and update them as needed.
  10. The content designer will support any necessary page updates after the page is live.

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