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Prospective Student (Lead) Management

Prospective Student View Form - Explains the information presented on the form.

Prospective Student (Lead) Sub Roles - Understand the sub role of the prospective student.

Lead Status Definitions - Understand the status of the prospective student.

Lead Management - Understand the distinction between Lead Status Not Validated, Validated and Inactive.

BBA Lead Management - Explains the BBA Lead Interest Management structure and additional attributes.

Create a New Prospective Student Lead Record - Create a new person record for a prospective student.

View Active Leads with One Interest in my Program or Plan - Find your program's prospective students.

Update Prospective Student Interests - Update program interests on a prospective student.

Add an Activity to a Person Record - How to track phone calls and meetings with prospective students.

Lead Prioritization: Engagement and Qualification Metrics - How to qualify prospective students.

Sending Microsoft Dynamics Email Templates - Sending emails from the built in Dynamics email templates.

Prospective Student Data Import

Import Prospective Student Lists - How to import prospect lists with a program interest. 

Prospective Student Data Import Campaign - Create a prospective student data import campaign.

Prospective Student Documents

Secure Document Storage, Upload Pre-Applicant Documents - Attach a secure document file to the prospective student record.

Prospective Student Events

Prospective Student Event Campaign Management - Create a prospective student event registration form using LRM. 

Send Dynamic Event Email - Process to Update Event Temporary Fields.

Send Event Registration Confirmation Email - Adjust the process that sends the automatic event confirmation email

Sending a Bulk Email from LRM - How to take an email that was created in the Sitecore Email Builder and send out as a bulk email using the LRM system.

Prospective Student Data Reports

Leads Tabular View - View data on your prospective student pool. 

Duplicate Detection

Duplicate Record

Duplicate Detection Prompt - What to do when receiving the duplicate detection prompt.

Set Up Duplicate Detection Job - How to set up a duplicate detection job.