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How to record WSB engagement activities with a company

A. Engagement Activities in LRM and BuckyNet 

Added to LRM

Added in BuckyNet

Case Competition

Job posting

Global Trip

WSB-Sponsored Career Fair

Mentor Program

Information sessions


On Campus Interviews

Speaking Engagement

Phone or Virtual Interviews

WSB-Sponsored Networking Events (in hiring context)

WSB-Sponsored Networking Events (in hiring context)

Site Visit

Badger Business Job Shadow Program


Resume Book

Spotlight in Publication


Mock Interview (Employer Participation)

Mock Interview (Student Participation)

B. Search for the Account

  1. Enter the leading characters of the Account (that is, company) name. Note that the "wild card" character (an asterisk) can be inserted before or after the entered string of characters. In the example below, we are using the asterisk to indicate we are searching for all Accounts that begin with the character string "abc." The case of the letters does not matter.
  2. Left-click on the magnifying glass to the right of the search field.
  3. Click on the link for the Account name listed in the browser.


C. Review the Account's Activities

  1. Click on the Activities link in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Review the Activities for this Account.


D. Add a Sponsorship engagement for the Account

Note: Sponsorships and most other types of engagement must be bound tightly to an Internal Account (i.e., a WSB business unit). For that reason, you must search for an Internal Account and add the new Sponsorship through that Account, or this message will pop up:

  1. Use section A of these instructions to search for an Internal Account.
  2. Display the Internal Account and click on the Activities link in the Navigation panel.
  3. Click on the Add New Activity button and select Sponsorship from the list of available engagement types.
  4. Enter information for the new activity.
  5. Save.


F. Enter Sponsorship details

  1. Enter the required details, plus a value for Description and Start Date (Targeted) and Time.
  2. Click the Save button. This step is necessary before an external Account can be selected.


G. Select an external Account

  1. Click on the Attendees and Participants section to expand and show details.
  2. Click on the lookup button to the right of the Optional Attendees fill-in.
  3. On the Look Up Records dialog box, change the value in the Look For drop down to "Account".
  4. Enter a value in the Search fill-in to find the Account.
  5. Click on the Account name to add the Account to the selection. Note: you may add multiple external Accounts.
  6. Click on the OK button to select the Account.
  7. Add Notes as you see fit on the Sponsorship screen.
  8. Click the Save & Close button. Note: the "Optional Attendees" field will be cleared after being saved.