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Understand the how WSB interacts with campus residency office.

Residency for Tuition Purposes

Residency data is collected and reviewed by UW-Madison’s Office of the Registrar. SIS is the official database for residency data. If Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) staff want to query on residency status, SIS should be used as the query database. Please note, residency status is covered under FERPA.

Residency for Tuition Information can be found here:

Residency Process and Application Integration

Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) graduate program applicants complete UW-Madison’s residency application integrated within the WSB admissions application. Data from the residency application is passed back to the WSB database (LRM) to indicate the residency status of the applicant at the time of completing the residency application. Three statuses are available: Resident, Non-resident, and Undetermined. The residency decision is populated under Applicant Demographics in the LRM.

For technical details on how the WSB application is integrated to the UW-Madison residency application, access this shared Wiki page. WSB does not export residency decisions from LRM to SIS. Residency decisions are passed to SIS directly from the residency application.  

To match residency decisions to SIS application data, the SIS External Application Number references the LRM application number in the following format:

LRM Application Number: WSBA00000044935

SIS External Application Number: SOB_SC000044935

Residency Application Processing and Issue Resolution

If an applicant is not claiming residence for tuition purposes, the easiest way to complete the form is select “No” for the questions on the first page, and then sign and submit.

If applicant has technical issues in the residency form that cannot be resolved before an application deadline (an exception), WSB staff can manually push them through the form by selecting “Undetermined” in our LRM application system under Applicant Demographics on the contact record.

If an Undetermined residency decision results from a completed residency application OR a WSB staff member manually sets the decision to Undermined status, the applicant will not have a residency decision in SIS. The UW-Madison’s Office of Registrar – Residency Office – will follow up with applicants that have an undetermined residency decision. However, in the instance where a WSB staff member manually sets the residency status to Undetermined, see the process for informing the residency office outlined on page 2.

If the applicant’s admittance term changes AFTER submission of the residency form, WSB must notify the Office of the Registrar's Residence Counselors: (608) 262-1355; 333 East Campus Mall #10101, Madison, WI 53715-1384;

If previous residency application data was submitted within the 12 months prior to the first day of the term that the application is applying for, the Office of the Registrar can accept the original residency information. Please note, they must be notified of the term change (see above).

  • If the residency data in LRM is older than 12 months prior to the term start date, the applicant must complete a new residency application for the new term.
  • WSB is working on a technical solution to solve this… i.e. clear residency data that is older than 12 months for the next term start date.

If the applicant enters incorrect information in the residency application, and cannot go back to change the residency data, contact Aaron Apel, Enrollment Management, Office of the Registrar at or (608) 262-3919 to reset the residency application. The residency application can be reset and re-accessed by the applicant only if the WSB application has not yet is submitted.

Undetermined Residency Status

There are two situations in which a residency status would be set to undetermined in LRM.

1. The online residency application could not programmatically determine a residency decision.

In this case, the WI Residency Status will be Undetermined AND WI Residency Date will be available in LRM.

The residency office staff at UW-Madison is responsible to follow up with the applicant directly to determine their residency status. If the residency office determines the applicant’s status, they manually update this information in SIS.

Currently, LRM will not reflect this manually updated information and WSB staff will have to go to SIS to determine the residency status, and update LRM accordingly.

If a WI Residency Date is not available in LRM, then the second situation has likely occurred.


2. The residency application was never completed.

In this case, the WI Residency Status will be Undetermined, however, WI Residency Date will be blank in LRM.

This is often the case when applicants are manually entered into WSB application system (e.g. Consortium applications). Or, as an exception to the rule, the applicant had technical issues completing the form, and WSB manually bypassed the residency application section of the WSB application for the applicant. (See processing and issue resolution on page 1, above).

When this situation occurs, WSB staff is responsible for submitting a list of names and ID numbers (EMPL ID preferred) to the residency office via email at  

To facilitate the completion of an electronic residency application, a checklist item will be added to the applicant’s SIS record by Residency Office. A communication will be sent from the Residency Office requesting the applicant complete the residency application (online application or a paper application form).


As best practice, WSB staff should review SIS residency data to ensure that a residency decision (Resident or Non-Resident) has been made on all applicants who did not complete the residency application when submitting their WSB admissions application.  


Where do I find 'WI Residency Status' and 'WI Residency Date' fields in LRM? 

Person > Applicant Demographics and Citizenship > Residency and Citizenship for Admissions Office use ONLY! > WI Residency Status