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A summary of the LRM application review section.

Workplace Area – Where can I find my reviews?

  1. Navigate to Workplace → Dashboards.

  2. Select the application dashboard for your program.

  3. Under the ‘Reviews’ dashboard, all currently open and reviews will be listed.  It is also possible to quickly jump between different programs from within the review dashboards for each program office.

  4. Click the Subject line of the review to open it in a new window or tab.

Review Window/Application Window - How do I start my reviews?

  1. In the Review window, first find the ‘Application’ field and click on the application listing.  A new window or tab will open.
  2. In the Application window, find the ‘Application Information’ area in the upper-right and verify that the Summary Ready box is checked.  If it is not, please contact your program office.
  3. All applicant materials attached to this application are viewable by clicking in Secure Documents. The ApplicantInfo document will contain the majority of information needed for review.


Review Window – How do I complete my reviews?

  1. Once you have viewed the attached documents, you may return to the Review window and fill in review information according to your rubrics. 
  2. If your review is missing the ‘Applicant GPA’ or ‘Months Worked’ metrics, please notify your program office.

Please note that clicking Save will only save the current state of your work.
To submit your review, you must click ‘Mark Complete’ in the upper-left corner.