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Deadlines around admissions decisions entered in SIS


When is the auto-matriculation date? 
Auto-matriculation date is typically scheduled 2 weeks prior to enrollment date. Dates differ between UW-Madison admitting offices, i.e. Graduate School has a different matriculation date than Undergraduate admissions. 
For Fall 2015, auto-matriculation starts Mon, June 22.  
What happens on the auto-matriculation date? 
When the auto-matriculation process starts, applicants in SIS with an application decision of ADMT will be pragmatically matriculated. Since this is the last step in the SIS admissions process, the information on the application maintenance page will grey out. The auto-matriculation process will continue daily and run on all ADMT SIS applications until auto-matriculation ends.  
When does matriculation end? 
Auto-matriculation ends when SIS term begins. This date can be found in SIS by selecting the magnifying glass icon for term.
For Fall 2015, the SIS term start date is Mon, August 24. 
What happens if I have to enter admit/matriculate a student after matriculation ends? 
If admission decisions are not entered into SIS before the matriculation period ends, the MATR row needs to be back-dated to at least the SIS term start date. Note, SIS term start dates differ from actual school term start date. If this is the case, you will need to email the registrars office, (Lars Skogs) to term activate the applicant.