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To properly use dynamic fields in event email templates, the event temporary fields on a person record must be updated prior to sending the dynamic event email template.


What is a Dynamic Event Email? 
Event email templates may contain dynamic fields that pull in temporary event data stored on the person record. After a person registers for an event, the event name, date, time, and location, as defined by the specific Event Campaign, are stored in the Campaign Response entity and displayed in the Marketing Activity > Event Registrations section on the person record. After an event registration, the Event Temporary Fields are also updated on the contact record.  
Event Campaigns are defined in LRM by the Campaign Type "Digital-Event". To view only this type of campaign, change the view by switching to "All Campaigns and Campaign Templates" above the grid-view. Click on the filter button towards the top right of the grid-view to turn on filters. Select the little arrow which appears next to the Campaign Type column to filter by Digital-Event.
Event Temporary Fields are the dynamic fields that appear in event email templates. The Event Temporary Fields need to be updated every time before sending a dynamic event email. These fields are stored on the person record and can be found under the Administration section of the Prospective Student View Form. 
If you are not using dynamic fields in your event email, you do not need to follow this process. 
Event Temporary Fields: 
Temp Event Name: ${[0]!""}
Temp Event Date: ${[0]!""}
Temp Event Month: ${[0]!""}
Temp Event Day: ${[0]!""}
Temp Event Option: ${[0]!""}
Temp Event Location: ${[0]!""}
Temp Event Time: ${[0]!""}
Temp Event Long Date: ${[0]!""}
Since these temporary fields are updated after every Event Registration, they need to be updated before sending a dynamic event email to ensure the correct event information is pulled into the email. 
For example, if a contact registers for an Evening MBA event and then registers for a Full-time MBA event, the most recent event registration information for Full-time MBA will be in the temporary event fields. When Evening MBA wants to send a dynamic event email for their event, the temporary event fields need to be updated first. 
How to Update Event Temporary Fields Before Sending Dynamic Event Email

Always test the email send on your own test record before sending to the group. You must register for the event and have a campaign response on your test record prior to testing the email send. 

Automatic event registration confirmation emails handle this process automatically. However, if you plan to send a one-off event registration email, you should run this process first. 

  1. Create an advanced find in Campaign Responses for the specific event registrations. Select Results.  

  2. Select all of the records and then select Run Workflow. 

  3. Select CD Lead Event – Update Event Temporary Fields. Select OK. 
    1. Running this workflow updates the temporary event fields stored on the contact record that get pulled into the dynamic emails.

  4. Finally, create the Email Send with the appropriate dynamic event email template. 
    1. Example of dynamic event email template: