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This document outlines how to take an email that was created in the Sitecore Email Builder and send out as a bulk email using the LRM system.


The LRM system is integrated with ClickDimensions, an email marketing provider. This process is specific to sending "bulk emails" to Marketing Lists using the Email Send functionality within LRM. This is different than sending an individual email using native CRM functionality. 
First, build the email in the Sitecore Email Builder tool. See How to use the Sitecore Email generator.
Step 1
Build and review the email for accuracy in Sitecore Email Builder before you move the HTML to the LRM system.
Create a new Email Send in LRM. Navigate to Marketing > Email Send > Select New 
Step 2
Complete the Email Send required fields and then select 'Save.'
  • Subject
  • From Name
  • From Email
  • Editor Type = Free Style
If you want to schedule the email send for the future:
  • Send Immediately = No
  • Send On = Date/Time (in future)


    If you need to cancel a scheduled email send, contact the LRM support team at There are a couple of things behind the scenes we need to take over.

If you have an existing Email Template:
  • Search and select the existing Email Template
If you want to track this Email Send as part of a Campaign and track email website traffic in Goggle Analytics:
  • Search and select the appropriate Campaign
  • See more about LRM Campaigns 
Step 3
After you save the required fields, then Open Editor.
Step 4
Within the Editor screen, select "Source" - This will allow you to drop in the HTML directly from the Sitecore Email. 
Delete the sample HTML code highlighted below if there is any. 
Step 5
Open the Sitecore Email in a browser. Published Sitecore Emails are stored here: 
  • Use incognito browser (preferred)

Step 6
Right click, and select "View source code" in the browser
Step 7
Copy ALL of the source code in browser. 
Step 8
Paste the HTML into the blank Editor window. 
Step 9
Select "Source" to see the email design. Save the email within the LRM Editor. 
Step 10
Refresh the Email Send
Step 11
Review the design and 'Save" within the Email Send.

Step 12
To add a Marketing List to the Email Send, click on the plus sign to the right, followed by the search button which appears below. 
Step 13
Search for the Marketing List(s) you want use for the Email Send. Use the Look Up More Records option in the drop-down shown in the screenshot above if the list you are looking for does not initially appear. Add the marketing lists needed, and then select "OK." 
Step 14
Ensure all of the Email Send details are accurate. Save the Email Send to ensure all changes are saved. Then hit Send.