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An overview of Sitecore Email Builder Training

For assistance with updating web content, building emails, using iContact, and to receive training, contact ATW by emailing:

The Basics of Sitecore Email Builder Training

Sitecore email builder training consists of:

  1. How to login to Sitecore and a review of the Brand Toolkit and the Sitecore Email Builder pages. How-to documents will be available on WSB Knowledge Base resources.

  2. How to use the Sitecore Email Builder

    1. How to navigate to a department’s folder in the email builder in Sitecore and how to view an email in a web browser.

    2. How to start a new template and duplicate a template.

    3. Where the controls are and how to change the content in each type of control.

    4. How to add and remove controls, and how to position the controls using placeholders.

    5. How to save your changes and use Preview Page to view your email.

    6. How to publish your changes and how to lock and edit your email.

  3. Practice creating an email by duplicating your template. Make basic changes to the emails:  add a new field, remove a field, and change the layout of the template by changing the placeholders of the controls.

  4. Good photography practices and resizing images. How to edit an image using This will include how to create an article image and a full width image.

  5. How to use the powerpoint template available on the template page to create full width images.

  6. How to upload an image to the media library and email folder. How to publish an image in the media library.

  7. Practice editing an image and uploading it to the media library and adding it to a control either an article, or a full width image.

  8. The concepts of UTM Codes and using an email marketing provider will be reviewed.

  9. You will be shown the iContact basics for how to send an email from iContact. iContact training will include contact list management, custom fields, list segmentation, putting the .html into iContact, sending an email and viewing send reports.

Brand Toolkit

On the Brand Toolkit there is a page dedicated to providing examples and how to’s for the Sitecore Email Builder. It also outlines our general brand standards.

Link to Brand Toolkit:

Sitecore Email Builder Page on Brand Toolkit

Event Template Page on Brand Toolkit

Below are links to sitecore and to the email directory.


View Your Email In a Browser

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