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In this tutorial we will review the Sitecore environments, what Sitecore is, and publishing process. This includes what happens when you save, preview your changes, and publish your changes. 



  • There are two domain names (prospective students, external audiences), (current students, staff and internal resources)
  • Both domain names have an integrated navigation, so a user can go back and forth between the domain names and not know it,
  • All edits on should be submitted as a web team request
  • In Sitecore if you save you can preview your changes on preview.domainname
  • Published changes go live

Publishing Environments and Process in Detail

When editing content you can image that there are three separate stages or spaces. Each space has its purpose.

  • Sitecore (content editor and media library): Are used to create, store, manage and distribute the content on website pages and .html emails.
  • Preview: Everything that is saved in Sitecore. This space is used to "preview" your work before your publish it live. Preview can only be seen while on the Grainger network. 
  • Live: Everything that is publish in Sitecore. This is the live website and is searchable and view-able by the general public. 

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