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If a student has left the University but would now like to be readmitted, this document outlines the process for readmitting through LRM and SIS.

Step-by-step guide

Student Application Re-entry process:

  1. The returning student must create a new application, but a waiver can be applied if the program office does not want them to pay a fee.

    1. If you do not want the student to have to refill out the entire application, you can proxy in on their behalf to fill out what is relevant from their old application.

  2. Once the application has been created, you can now flag it as a “Re-entry Application” in the Administration on the application. This will allow you to query with or without the applicants who are re-entering more easily.


  3. Once the application has been submitted, it will follow the usual process of being exported to SIS.

  4. Once the application is in SIS, change the Program Action to “Re-entry".

    1. If desired, update the admit term and the expected graduation term.


  5. In the application data tab, set this to “Re-entry” as well.