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This article outlines how to use the Outlook Connector to track emails. The Outlook Connector is currently being piloted and tested, and is not available to all users.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select "New Email" in Outlook.
  2. In the top ribbon, select the "Track" button.

  3. After selecting "Track," the Microsoft Dynamics 365 box will appear at the bottom of the email.

  4. To link this tracked email to an account, either select the "Set Regarding" button next to the "Track/Untrack" button, or select the "None" option in the bottom menu next to the word "Regarding."

  5. In the menu which appears, search for and select the account you would like to add.

  6. Once the account has been added, it will appear in the "Regarding" section of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 dialog. 

  7. Templates can also be inserted once the contact and account have been added to the email. Select the "Insert Template" option next to the "Set Regarding" button.

  8. To verify the email was sent and tracked in LRM, navigate to Workplace > Accounts, select the account set as the regarded account, and then select Activites from the top menu on the account.

  9. In Activities, change the Open Activity Associated View to All Activities, and change the Filter On dropdown to All.

  10. The email will appear here if the Regarding field was set. It can be found in the same place under the Contact the email was sent to.


If you are tracking an email sent to or received from someone not already in the LRM, their last name will contain the phrase "Auto" at the end of it. Make sure to be cleaning up data when contacts are being created.